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Cotton or velvet pajamas for baby

Cotton or velvet pajamas for baby? 20 Tips

The baby pyjamas or romper is a comfortable garment for newborns. It has the characteristic to cover him from the arms to the tip of the feet. Other models are available without sleeves or sewn in two-piece. If you hesitate between cotton or velvet pajamas, you can find in this article the reasons and periods […]

How to organize a sleepover

How to organize a pyjama party?

How to organize a sleepover? Although it is not a new activity anymore, it is one of the best to spend the evening at home. To be successful, it needs an original theme and a good organization. In order to succeed, it is ideal to go through a number of steps such as choosing the […]

Women's pyjamas in satin or silk

Women’s satin or silk pajamas : How to choose ?

Made of several materials, pajamas are undeniably useful. Women’s pajamas must combine style and comfort, and that is why their choice must be made with care. A comfortable pyjama with attractive patterns can be made of satin or silk. These two materials, each with their particularities, bring a plus to this clothing. To make a […]

Which material for a winter baby pyjama

Which material for a winter baby pyjama?

When it’s cold outside, you should keep your baby warm. For this, you need soft and comfortable winter pajamas. However, there are several materials in which baby pajamas are made. To make it easier for you to choose, here is a selection of materials such as silk or wool and many others. 1- Silk As […]

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