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What’s so important about girls’ pajamas?

Pajamas are a garment that, unlike their peers, are not on display. Only members of the same family are supposed to see this garment, which is only worn on one occasion: bedtime. So, you may ask, why is it so important? Well, its major interest lies precisely in this relation of intimacy that comes to life as soon as the night falls.

A key role in sleep quality

Girls’ pajamas feel like a second skin. All it takes is a poorly sewn thread, an elastic that’s a tad too tight or a tag that’s a little too long, and it’s a guaranteed sleepless night. Other criteria can also be responsible for insufficient sleep such as itchy fabric, clothing that is too warm or a model that is too small. At this age, sleep plays a vital role in children by participating in their memory, growth and management of their emotions. The girl’s pajamas, under its airs of insignificant clothing, turns out to be primordial by its indirect contribution to the quality of our nights.

A reassuring garment

Let’s not forget one essential thing: the only time a child is alone in a 24-hour day is at night. It’s no secret that this moment of quietude is usually accompanied, for young children, by fears, doubts and/or anguish, especially since everything happens in the dark. In this, this garment, worn right on the body, will have a effect reassuring. Because it’s soft, like Mom’s cheek. Because it features the faces of my favorite heroines, Elsa and Anna. Or because it’s a gift, offered by Dad. So the fabric, pattern and value of the girl’s pajamas will provide comfort and soothing to little girls.

A way to assert her personality

We never really know what’s going through our kids’ minds. What image do they really have of themselves? Do they know how valuable they are? So, whatever the answer is, this sleepwear can be an effective way to assert their personality and gain confidence in themselves. The night becomes conducive to letting one’s imaginary speak. By donning her superheroine outfit, your little girl inherits all the powers of the universe. During bedtime she can transform into Pikachu with her Pokémon girl’s pajamas, into a mermaid, with the Princess Ariel girl’s pajamas, into Woody or Buzz, wearing the Toy Story girl’s pajamas.

Choosing the material of the girl’s pajamas

As we have just seen, the material of the pajamas should not be chosen lightly. On the contrary, it will largely participate in its comfort. For the soft and cozy side, especially at the dawn of seasons cold, opt for the pilou material (pilou-pilou by the kids). This plush cotton fabric invites softness, like the Toroto pajamas for girls or the star print pajamas. Cherry on the cake, these two pilou models also exist for little boys. A great opportunity to strengthen the bonds of all the siblings by wearing matching pajamas.

If you’re hesitating, know that cotton remains a safe bet in every way. An antiperspirant material, it does not cause allergies and is very easy to care for. A smart choice, as ethical as comfortable.

Choosing the pattern of the girl’s pajamas

The practicality should always take precedence over the rest. It depends a lot on the age of the child, but if your daughter tends to get up several times a night, to go to the bathroom for example, prefer two-piece pajamas. A pair of leggings or pants with an elasticated waistband will do the trick, especially on some of our models that dress girls up to the age of 15. For bigger sleepers, or themed sleepovers, the suit one piece will definitely please. In fact, our 3D model is among our bestsellers. For this winter, of course, go for long sleeves (for tops) and pants (for bottoms). Always opt for the easiest and quickest to put on (elastic rather than adjustable string at the waist). Tighter leg bottoms will save you the hassle of pants riding up all night long.

As for the pattern, the Tous en pyjamas website is full of collections so varied that there will be something for every little girl. Animal patterns, Disney characters and other princesses will make your kids happiest.

Choosing the colors of the girl’s pajamas

If your daughter wants to wear pink at all costs, she should feel free to do so. Nevertheless, if she expresses more varied tastes, take the opportunity to outsmart the stereotypes of gendered colors. Gray, blue, yellow girl pajamas, your sweetie will have the embarrassment of riches at Tous en pyjamas. However, a color stands out at the end of the year; it is the red, which falls at the right time for the Christmas holidays. And for the celebrations, we have a ready-made set: Mickey pajamas as Santa. Accoutered with his beanie, the friendly mouse will brighten up your Christmas Eve parties. This time, why not propose to the whole family to wear the same garment? Following the American cultural model, let the site Tous en pyjamas tempt you to match your nightwear and open your gifts together. How about the Jingle Bells girl pajamas ? A tradition brought back to the French taste that your children will gladly immortalize by strafing you with photos!

You will have understood, Tous en pyjamas offers a very wide range of models for girls that will allow you to select the most suitable fabric and the right size. As for the model, we suspect that the main interested party will have the last word on her favorite choice. A legitimate privilege, since it is thus dressed that she will let herself be lulled by the arms of Morpheus.