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Pajamas are part of a child’s bedtime ritual. This moment of separation is not always welcome, which is why this garment must be chosen with care. Wearing pajamas with the effigy of his idol, helps the child to get ready for bed with pleasure. He will imagine scenarios in which he will be the hero and will have sweet dreams. Patrol Pajamas feature two of young Ryder’s six patrol pups – Chase the police puppy and Marcus the firefighter puppy.

The series was born in Canada under the name “Paw Patrol” and is literally translated by “Pat Patrouille” in France, the word “Paw” in English being translated by “Patte” in French. This animated series gave rise to a movie released in 2021.

Paw Patrol features puppies of several breeds who transform into superheroes. In the same vein as the Marvel heroes, each one plays a role on a daily basis while waiting to be called to the rescue or as backup.

At the head of the Patrol is Ryder, a 9 or 10 year old boy. He’s the one who gets to know the missions to be done. He calls the puppies who seem to be the most likely to carry out the rescues or catch the bad guys.

The pajamas are of high quality, every step of the making is checked. The fabric, 100% cotton is resistant soft and warm, machine washable at 40 ° C. The finishes are neat, a double stitching visible at the collar and invisible at the cuffs and ankles, reinforces the seams.

The Pat Patrouille pajamas come in two shades of blue: dark or light. The collar, cuffs and ankles contrast with a bright red color. The top features two Pat Patrol heroes while the pants show different patterns depending on the color chosen.

Pat Patrol, heroes for the night

Every child has a favorite hero that he identifies with. If he has DVDs, he will often turn on his favorite episodes. He likes to play with action figures, dolls, stuffed animals or sleep on a pillow with his hero drawn on it. Wearing a pyjama with a representation of his favorite character is the ultimate. He’s bound to have sweet dreams imagining himself in that character’s shoes in a fantasy story.

It is good for a child to imagine stories, it facilitates the falling asleep, and the coming of a restful sleep thanks to the directed dreams. Depending on his age, nightmares will invade his nights. Even if these images are natural and help him to grow, he can wake up in the middle of the night and be very afraid, this is what we call night terrors. The fact of being dressed in a night garment with a character that he likes or a superhero, will help him to relativize, to calm down and to go back to sleep more quickly. It’s a sort of comforter, which he carries around with him instead of holding in his hand. The Patrol Pajamas can also help some children gently eliminate the comforter. This is a relief for many parents when the child is sleeping elsewhere, at school or at the grandparents’ for example. In this case, simply leave a pillow with the hero applied to it in place.

Patrol Pajamas represent a team of superheroes for young children. Since the Marvels are a bit too violent for them, these puppies bring in the softness and the stories are also more basic, more within their reach. There are bad guys and good guys, super powers, talking baby animals and they always win in the end.

Heroes for quality pajamas

All our pajamas are of the highest quality. Every step of the manufacturing process is controlled, nothing is left to chance.

The details that make the difference

The stitching, the thread stops, all the finishes are impeccable. You are satisfied or you send the product back to us if the quality is not to your liking.

The size chart

Before you order, refer to the size chart to avoid mistakes. Be sure to take the child’s measurements, the size may differ from what you usually buy.

Choose your pattern

All our products have the same characteristics in quality, only the color and patterns change. Please choose your character carefully.

Pat Patrol

Pat Patrol features superheroes similar to Superman, Iron Man or even Batman. They will save people in peril or catch thieves. The adventures always end well. Patrol pajamas will appeal to children who love both dogs and superheroes.

Super Mario Bros

Super plumber Mario and his pizza-making brother Luigi are the heroes of a video game. They must rescue Princess Peach from the clutches of the evil Bowser. The Super Mario Bros pajamas are a favorite among little gamers.

Mickey and Minnie

Mickey and Minnie are a staple of Disney characters. The over 100-year-old mice bring generations together around them. Nostalgic Mickey Diaries fans will give this Mickey or Minnie pajamas to young children.


Pokemons are coming back in a big way and young kids are not left out. Like Sacha, they all know the names of the characters, their strengths and their attacks. But the little yellow plushie is still the favorite, and the pikachu pajamas are sure to please young Pokemon fighters.

Pyjamas or pajashort

The choice between the two garments is made all year round. Indeed, some children prefer long pajamas in summer and winter, even if it means sleeping without sheets, while others are always too hot.

It’s time for you to choose among all the articles the one or the ones your children will prefer. Do not hesitate to submit your ideas of heroes or characters that you would like to see on our pajamas whatever the recipient, man, woman or child. If you have any questions to ask us or thoughts on items, submit them to us in the FAQ or on our contact form. We remain at your disposal for any additional information on our products or details on shipping.