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Discover our collection that comes in a wide variety of pyjamas by universe. Our pajamas by universe are made for all people wishing an original pajamas and of his favorite cartoon character or movie.

The pajamas by universe Pikachu

The long Pikachu pajamas

This Pikachu pajamas with soft fabric, you feel great! You love the world of Pokémon, choose your pajamas with your favorite figurine with its laughing eyes and red cheeks. These pajamas feature a hood to completely wrap you up.

The Short Pikachu Pajamas

Check out the Pikachu Print Summer Pajamas, with two gray pieces. Your child will be happy to put on their 2-piece Pikachu pajamas. This Pikachu print pajama set dresses your kids up in a friendly way.

The Mid-Season Pajamas

This Pokémon pattern for men and women is super comfortable and cozy. You want to stay casual on Sunday morning; you start the day in a good mood dressed in this cool set! On a cold night, these Pokémon pajamas for men and women are perfect. These comfortable and soft sleepwear with Pikachu, will put you in a good mood.

Pikachu’s character in Pokémon

Your child can fall asleep peacefully. Dressed in his red two-piece pyjama, Pikachu makes him happy. Much like a costume, your child will get under the skin of his favorite character.

The Pokémon Ronflex Jumpsuit

Have you heard of Ronflex? This great suit with the Pokémon Ronflex you see life on the bright side. Relax like Ronflex! The Ronflex Jumpsuit is a cool pajama to give to Pokémon fans. This garment is designed with high quality materials to last. Soft and comfortable, this jumpsuit is also nice to look at, the jumpsuit is available in several colors. With this unique jumpsuit, you will have beautiful winter evenings, comfortable and warm.

Pajamas by Disney universe

Winnie the Pooh

The Winnie the Pooh model with its cute little head is available in 2 pieces. Your child will be warm with this cotton outfit, which clothes your child in softness.


This Mickey pajama set with striped pants is truly original. On the pajamas is drawn Mickey with straps that seem to hold the pants.

The red Mickey pajamas

The comfortable and fun 2-piece Mickey is comfortable and fun. The short-sleeved top with a Mickey pattern and shorts is perfect for summer. The snaps make it easy to put on the garment.


A pajama set by Donald universe for women comes in two pieces; various Donald designs are available.


Tigger pajamas in orange are sure to make your child fall in love. Tigger’s good humor is shared with your child who is thrilled to put it on.

Harry Potter

Our collection of pajamas by Harry Potter universe offers some for the whole Harry Potter fan family. Your little one dreams of becoming a wizard’s apprentice and traveling to Hogwarts. He’ll sleep peacefully with comfort and softness. Want to fall asleep wearing Harry Potter pajamas? It’s up to you if you prefer a long or short model! For winter, thelong Harry Potter pajamas, or the jumpsuit are recommended. While the short one is perfect in summer. You put on shorts and a short sleeve top.

Pat Patrol

Bedtime is not always eagerly awaited by children. Often, they would like to keep playing and not go to bed at the parents’ desired time. Turning this time into a fun ritual makes it easier! Putting on a pyjama in the colors of their favorite hero is already a good point. Add to that reading a story, and you’ll probably be surprised how easy it is to take your child to the land of morpheus. He’ll imagine a whole lot of dreams with young Ryder’s patrol pups. The Pat Patrol pajamas come in two colors of blue: dark or light. The top features Pat Patrol heroes and the pants display different elements depending on the colors chosen. The material is cotton and washable at 40° C.

Stitch’s character

Dive into theStitch universe with this cool jumpsuit. Warm and soft, it wraps you in warmth and brings you the pleasure of imagining yourself in the world of your beloved character. Proudly wear the colors of Lilo and Stitch with this jumpsuit.

The pajamas we offer are dressed in characters from a variety of favorite universes for young and old alike: Pikatchu, Winnie the Pooh,Mickey, Donald, Tigger, Harry Potter, Patrol, Stitch,… All of our outfits are carefully crafted to provide you with high-quality clothing. Pajamas become a nice and fun homewear that you will not necessarily want to leave quickly!