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The pregnancy is a stage of changes in a woman’s life. To live well through these upheavals it is important to be well prepared for the arrival of the future baby. Among all the things to plan, there is one that is too often neglected: the choice of pregnancy pyjamas.
It is important for the mother-to-be to get a good night’s sleep before the arrival of baby, but also after. The morphology will change during the 9 months: the breasts will become larger, the belly will become rounder and the legs will tend to swell. All this is part of the pregnancy cycle. You will therefore have to adapt your clothing to stay comfortable, even at night.
There are different types of pregnancy pajamas. The 2-piece pajamas are the most common. It can be a t-shirt and pants or a strappy top and shorts. The maternity nightgown is also very popular because it is loose and flowing. Of course, there are pregnancy babydolls that allow mothers-to-be to keep their femininity during this transition period. Finally, kimonos are also part of the nightwear chosen by women in addition to their pajamas or nightgown.
All of these styles are designed to be practical, comfortable to wear and make women’s lives easier during their pregnancy. The pregnancy pajamas are made from soft, supple and often stretchy materials like elastane. Their cut is tailored so that the mother-to-be finds the comfort she needs during this period to have a quality sleep. They are also suitable for breastfeeding and can therefore be worn for several weeks after delivery. The quality of materials used in their manufacture allows them to be reused for several pregnancies.

The 2-piece pajamas

There are different types that are aimed at women who are already used to wearing a top and bottom to sleep.

The pajama top + pants

This is the classic pajamas. It can be composed of a long-sleeved neck top or a buttoned shirt type top, which allows for easier handling when breastfeeding. Often made of flannel or cotton, it is loose enough to fit the rounded sale. The pants have a wide band waistband made of stretch and have a fitted crotch. The waistband provides comfort and support. This type of pyjama is ideal in winter. Some of them are made of wool or fleece for even more warmth.

The pajama top + shorts

It is often composed of a sleeveless top or a top with fine straps for women who insist on keeping their femininity during this period. To facilitate breastfeeding, the sleeveless top usually has a side opening. Similarly, the strapless top usually has a buttoned tab on the chest or a nursing clip on the straps. The shorts too have a band belt for added comfort. The pajama top + shorts are made of cotton for a wellness appreciated in summer or spring.

As for the size, it is advisable to take the size above the one usually worn. Materials vary depending on the type of pajamas and range from flannel, cotton, not to mention light satin for strapless tops.

Pregnancy nightgowns

There are 2 types of nightgowns: long-sleeve or short-sleeve nightgowns, and nighties.

The classic nightgown

They prove to be long sleeve for the more chilly ones. Usually made of cotton or flannel for a cozy effect in winter. The collar will be either button down, “V” or “wrap around” type with an opening on the front to facilitate breastfeeding. Some models are short sleeve for mid-season.

Small details such as a belt to tie under the chest, make the nightgowns more current and especially more practical by following the rounding of the belly of the mother-to-be.


They are made of light fabric or satin, which is very popular when the nights are hot. The straps have a clip or a nursing tab for ease when baby calls for a feed. They are ideal for women who want to keep it sexy and need to feel beautiful before and after giving birth. They often have embroidery and lace details that make moms-to-be feel ever so pretty.

Pregnancy Kimonos

This is a cotton or satin piece, depending on the season it will be worn, which can be matched with pajamas or a nightgown. It can also be worn as a one-piece when getting out of the shower. Pregnancy kimono will be great for floating around the house in the last few months of pregnancy or the first few weeks after giving birth. With embroidery or lace parts, it will make an ideal negligee for moms who bring special attention to their look no matter the circumstances.

The 3-piece sets

It is about matching the pajamas or nightgown with the kimono. So no need to bother looking for an outfit or dressing up. Indeed, in the last months of pregnancy and after the delivery, the mother-to-be may be tired and not want to go out or walk around. The 3-piece set allows her to be comfortable but still “presentable” in case of home visits. It is also very practical during the stay at the maternity ward to go to the nursery or walk around the dedicated areas with baby. While some of these outfits opt for a casual look, others are more dressy and elegant.

Whether they come in the form of classic pajamas (top + pants or top + t-shirt), nightgowns (or nighties), kimonos or 3-piece sets, pregnancy pajamas are essential for peaceful, restful nights. Moms-to-be need comfort and well-being, both before and after giving birth.
If you’re more of a chilly person and are looking for coziness, or if you’re one of those women who want to keep their femininity and sexiness, share your experience on how your nightwear evolved during your pregnancy and the weeks following your delivery. Every woman is different, but when she is pregnant, she often needs advice and support on many topics, including the best way to spend calm and serene nights.