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Our pajamas are made in a fabric that is as soft as it is comfortable, and feature a fun and colorful design made up of all the characters that populate the Pokémon universe. They’re available in adult and children’s sizes, and are suitable for all ages of life! Feel like snuggling up in a soft and comfortable outfit? Want to fall back into childhood? Or simply match up with your kids? Our Pokémon pajamas, available for both men and women, are sure to satisfy all your desires.

These sleepwear that display the adorable heads of Ronflex or Pikachu will put you in a good mood and prepare you for a peaceful night’s sleep! More than just pajamas, our unique collection of sleep sets, which come in many shapes, are ideal for kids and adults alike.

So, ready to keep your childlike soul and get back to your favorite world? Whether you want to keep warm in a soft, wide jumpsuit, or dress up in Pokémon pajamas with short or long sleeves for warmer days, you’ll find what you need. Discover our exclusive collection without waiting!

Our two-piece Pokémon pajamas

Looking for a sleep set that’s as fun as it is comfortable? Look no further: we’ve got just the thing for you! Our gorgeous Pokémon two-piece set will delight both the big and the little ones. In soft, supple cotton fabric, they ensure a delightful night’s sleep and help plunge into the sweetest of dreams… For a trip to the land of childhood! The cotton helps the skin breathe and leaves a lasting soft feeling, for wonderful nights at the side of your favorite characters.

Featuring the famous Pikachu, the most beloved of Pokémon creatures, our two-piece sets are made up of a top tee and bottom shorts, ideal for light nights and mild temperatures. They are suitable for both adults and children, and are available in both men’s and women’s styles.

Our Pokémon pajama suits

Are the first cold weather arriving? Are you looking for a warm, soft, wraparound jumpsuit to curl up in? You’ve come to the right place. Our Pokémon suits are made of extra-soft plush fabric, perfect for cozying up and getting a deep sleep. Bonus: you can entertain your kids, or fall back into childhood by playing as one of your favorite characters!

This cocooning onesie shape allows you to spend many relaxing moments at home, during the day or at nightfall, but also to spend a soft and peaceful night. Ample and very soft, it ensures an optimal comfort. You will be at your ease!

Our colorful jumpsuit featuring your favorite Pokémon characters is also ideal for entertaining your friends at a party or cosplay event. But that’s not all: it also lends itself to many other uses! Going to a festival or looking for a wetsuit for your ski vacation? Our Pokémon wetsuit is also adequate! As comfortable as funny, it accompanies you in all your most precious moments. So, don’t hesitate to fall back into childhood!

Our Pokémon long sleeve pajamas

Perfect for winter nights or cold moments when you want to snuggle up in a warm and cozy sleepwear, the Pokémon Long Sleeve Pajamas benefit from a great softness. Cosy, as adorable as they are comfortable, they accompany you in all your moments, whether it is to relax at home or to sleep. Ideal to have a smile at night before going to sleep, or in the morning at breakfast! Nestled on a soft fabric, Pikachu is ready to help you fall into the arms of Morpheus.

Our long sleeve sleep sets consist of two pieces: long pants and a long sleeve tee. Loose enough to ensure optimal comfort, they are suitable for all uses. Featuring Pikachu, that adorable little Pokémon, they will delight you and make all the kids you meet smile!

Tempted by our fun pajamas? Don’t hesitate! All our pajamas are manufactured in compliance with a strict quality charter, this to guarantee you an optimal quality and an unequalled comfort. In addition, we perform quality controls on a very regular basis to ensure the best possible experience with our night sets. We promise you beautiful and sweet nights in our sets!