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The women’s pajashort: A casual night outfit

It is important to favor a stretchy, loose-fitting sleepwear to sleep better. This way you can move freely, without discomfort from bedtime to the morning. If the more chilly ones like to wear long-sleeved T-shirt and pants during the winter nights, discover a sexy nightwear that makes you totally comfortable: the pyjashort. The women’s pajashort is indeed an ideal nightwear to have in your wardrobe. During a summer night, it is to be favored over the pants. The shorts allow you to emphasize your slender legs. Silky and soft, women’s pajama shorts are made of noble materials like cotton, satin or silk. In a plain, printed or multicolored color, you are spoiled for choice. Whether you like a more classic look or a fancy style, you will find the model that suits you the most.

A little history of pajamas

Before we talk about pajama shorts for women, let’s first talk about the history of pajamas in general. It is indeed a garment once worn by men. It was not at the time linked to the world of the night. It was rather worn outside the house and during the day. This garment was designed for the upper social classes. And it was in the 20th century that the brand Coco Chanel imposed it for women too. Today, everyone wears pajamas. Above all, it had to be comfortable and is intended to promote a good sleep.

What are women’s pajashorts?

Women’s pajama shorts consist of either a tank top, nightgown, t-shirt and shorts. Comfortable, breathable and lightweight, it allows you to relax. With short or long sleeves, accompanied by shorts, it is the nightwear to adopt to spend a good night in your bed. But it’s not just a simple nightwear, you can also wear it to have a good time alone, or with your family or friends.

Women’s pyjashort: Which material to choose

To choose a women’s pyjama shorts, the material of manufacture is the first criterion to consider. Indeed, the material of a nightwear must combine aesthetics, softness and lightness. It is therefore important to know the specifics of different materials to choose the ideal nightwear. For the choice of the material, it will moreover be necessary to take into account the prevailing temperature and the time of year (summer or winter).
The cotton short pyjama pleases for its comfort, softness, insulating and hypoallergenic properties. As for silk, it stands out for the thermal regulation it provides and its second skin effect. Viscose is soft to the touch. Many women appreciate it for its absorbency and breathability. There is also the satin model, it is rather recommended for the summer. Light, soft and fluid material, it offers simplicity and freedom. You can opt for velvet short pajamas to keep you warm during the winter period.
At All in Pajamas , we offer collections of women’s short pajamas tailored to your needs in terms of elegance and comfort.

A cotton pajashort for comfort

For sleeping in comfort,cotton short pajamas are an ideal nightwear. It comes in several designs: graphic, patterned, plain … It is one of the most recommended materials. This model is soft to the touch and very easy to wash. Besides, this textile does not deteriorate over time if you follow the washing conditions well. The bottom of thispajamas additionally offers you a great freedom of movement during the night.

A silk women’s pajashort for refined and sexy nights

A silk pajama short is surely a sophisticated and glamorous nightwear for a sexy and refined night. Besides, no matter the season, you can always wear it. It warms your skin in winter, while it lets it breathe during summer. This natural fiber is soft and light. You can opt for patterned silk pajama shorts if you like more original designs.

A satin pajama short for its glamorous and soft side

Satin pajama shorts are perfect for warm summer nights. It is like a second skin due to its lightness and softness. It is also a cosy and sexy set. It does not hinder movement and stays in place all night. The satin pyjashort can be embroidered, patterned, plain, and it exists in several cuts. This is one of the most popular shorts pajamas for women, but also the most comfortable.

How to choose the size of your pajashort

It is not only the material that determines the comfort of your pajama shorts. You also need to take into account the size. So opt for a size that suits you the most. Be careful not to opt for a pyjama shorts that squeezes you a little too tight or a model that is too big. It is the size that will determine the freedom of your movements.
If you are small and slim, a satin or silk pajama short is recommended. A colorful nightgown with horizontal stripes is ideal for tall and slim women. Also, opt for short pajamas with vertical stripes if you are rather tall and plump. There is no wrong or right body type, there are only wrong or right choices of women’s short pajamas!

Women’s pyjashort: How to maintain it

Most pyjama shorts are designed with soft and light materials. It is recommended to use “soft program” in washing machine at 30°C to avoid damaging them in washing. But you can also wash them by hand with soap. And avoid using a dryer to dry them. The latter could shrink or damage your nightwear. It is advisable to dry them naturally in the sun. But in this case, do not leave the garment in the sun for very long. The sun’s rays could indeed discolor it.

Your women’s pajashorts at All in Pajamas

Discover our collection of women’s pyjashorts for summer and for women who like to sleep comfortable and beautiful. They are available in different models, colors, sizes and patterns. You will surely find the perfect model for a comfortable night filled with softness. All in Pajamas offers you comfortable and stylish pyjama shorts.

To conclude, pajamas should be both comfortable and reflect the personality of the wearer. The color, the shape, the style, the material, there are so many parameters to take into account when choosing your nightwear, according to your tastes and circumstances. So now you know the different models of pyjama shorts for women. It’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best to accompany you during your summer nights or during the winter. So which set will you choose?