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What is a nursing nightgown

Worn for centuries by women, the nightie or nightgown is one of the most popular pieces of sleepwear. The nursing nightgown is a variation of this garment, specifically designed for nursing mothers and pregnant women. Whether you are thin or rather large, we have some in your size. Our nursing nightgowns perfectly tailored to your changing body will become the new must-have accessories in your dressing room. The lightweight, breathable fabric used to make our nightgowns helps maintain your body temperature throughout the night, while promoting a soft, restful sleep. The nursing nightgowns on our site have a relaxed enough fit to provide discreet and comfortable access for breastfeeding, but also to keep up with a pregnant woman’s growing belly. Some of our products are also adapted for winter. During this season, when it is cooler, you need long sleeves to cover your limbs. However, these sleeves do not interfere with breastfeeding thanks to ingenious systems. On the contrary, during the summer, we also sell sleeveless models and with lace.

Why choose a nursing nightgown?

Numerous scientific studies have shown that mothers’ sleep has a significant impact on the health of the growing fetus. That’s why you should pay very close attention to the quality of your nights. Pregnancy does not leave you with an easy task, however. The first trimester often brings heartburn and nausea, among other discomforts. Your body also changes as the months go by, along with your many hormonal changes. So you need to choose comfortable sleepwear that fits your ever-changing body. Pregnancy pajamas address this issue. We also offer nursing nightgowns for sale. This garment is essential for easily breastfeeding at night after you give birth. During the first six months, your baby is indeed likely to claim your breast at all hours. This is a marathon for all mothers, who can’t afford to get tangled up in their nightgowns at this time. If you have to choose between anursing pajamas and a nursing nightgown, know that the latter is lighter and better suited to the often hot temperatures of motherhood. Its look is also particularly feminine, although there are also sexy and refined models among the pajamas.

How to choose a nursing nightgown

Several simple criteria can help you choose your nursing nightgown.

  • The type of opening: there are different systems. The button nursing nightgowns are easy to handle. The cover-up system is usually preferred to it, as it is more suitable for nighttime feedings. However, nightgowns with fold-over fabric sections are the most popular. During the passage to maternity, they offer you more privacy, amidst the rounds of visits.
  • Breast support: a nursing nightgown sometimes includes a bra to effectively support the breast. This feature is very helpful in preventing the nursing pads from slipping off. However, if the nightgown already holds the breast well enough, you don’t need to wear a bra.
  • Sizing: choose your usual size, as with all breastfeeding and pregnancy garments. These garments are specially designed to accommodate the many changes in your heart during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period.
  • The material: your comfort indeed remains paramount. During the hormonal upheavals of pregnancy, your skin can become dry. The discomfort is most sensitive during the night: itching can then disrupt your sleep. If you have fragile skin, we recommend choosing nightwear made from natural materials, like this cotton pregnancy pyjama. Bamboo nightgowns are also ideal for this skin type. This material in particular is antibacterial and helps wick away bad odors and perspiration. Bamboo and cotton are therefore ideal for the summer months, when you need a well-ventilated nightwear. During the winter, choose materials like viscose, tight and elastic, which molds the body for a particularly feminine look. Finally, for the most chilly, merino wool will ensure comfortable nights in a cozy and warm cocoon.

When to buy a nursing nightgown on

We advise you to buy a pregnancy pyjama from the second trimester of pregnancy, around the fourth or fifth month. This is indeed the time when fitting into normal pants usually becomes difficult. At this point, even a large sweatshirt will have a hard time hiding your characteristic shape. Unfortunately, this happens to all women. You may also start to feel uncomfortable in your regular sleepwear. This should be a sign for you to switch to pregnancy pyjamas. If you can’t make it to the traditional stores, know that you can easily order from our online store, safely. Our delivery times are fast. In fact, once your order is confirmed, we prepare your order for one to two days. Then, it takes us eight to ten business days to ship your package, wherever you are in the world. Of course, you will receive regular email notifications throughout the shipping process to let you know the exact and precise location of your package, so you can track it with peace of mind.

What are the special features of’s nursing nightgowns?

Our maternity pajamas are particularly comfortable to wear. They also fit perfectly with the growing belly of pregnant women. They are made of soft fabrics to avoid skin irritation. You can even use them as hospital gowns during and after delivery. Our motto when selecting these maternity pajamas was “polyvalence“. After your baby comes into the world, you may experience some discomfort, especially during your first few breastfeeds. Fortunately, our nightgowns could make your life easier. Unlike your usual nightwear, these offer easy access to your breast, even if the neckline is not so low. They are indeed equipped with a small hidden closure via buttons or a zipper. Result: breastfeeding becomes much easier.

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