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In satin, cotton or polyester, we offer quality pyjashorts designed for your comfort in summer. They will keep your body at the ideal temperature, while offering you great freedom of movement. We spend one third of our existence sleeping and make an average of 40 movements per night. It is therefore essential to feel comfortable in our nightwear, to fall into the arms of Morpheus and enjoy a restful rest. Depending on the season, and for reasons of hygiene, it is neither pleasant nor obvious to slip into your sheets dressed in the simplest of clothes. In addition to airing out your bedroom and keeping the room at a temperature between 18 and 20 degrees, the right choice of nightwear is essential to ensure your rest in optimal comfort. When evening comes, the body temperature drops, which helps you fall asleep. However, a temperature that is too low or too high is the enemy of your sleep. On the one hand, wearing pajamas prevents nighttime shivering due to slipping sheets and blankets. Indeed, you run little risk to take cold or to catch a cold, if only your calves and feet are discovered. And on the other hand, pajashorts protect you from heat stroke, leaving your arms and legs totally free. So, is it better to wear pajamas or dispense with them? Our men’s pajama shorts offer you the perfect compromise. Classic, sober and distinguished, or with prints and cartoon licenses, you will find your happiness among a wide choice of pajashorts for men at All in Pajamas.

The pyjashort: an ideal compromise

Some studies suggest that sleeping unclothed would be beneficial. However, when the thermometer drops drastically, it seems difficult to get a good sleep comfort in Adam’s clothes. And conversely, when temperatures warm up considerably, it may be much easier to fall asleep in materials that allow the body to keep cool. However, one source argues that “we lose an average of 40 cl of water, every night we sleep“. Our bedding would therefore absorb nearly 150 liters per person per year… It becomes obvious that resting in an outfit that respects our body’s ability to regulate its temperature preserves it from producing excess sweat. In the summer in particular, having a lightweight sleepwear that absorbs some of our water loss presents a hygienic and comfortable solution. The Pyjashort, which can be used in all seasons and comes in a variety of shape and material choices, is the ideal option.

When to wear pajashorts

Pajashorts offer undeniable comfort in the summer months. In the summer, when the thermometer climbs, you probably wish you weren’t so warmly dressed, even at night. The pajashort, designed in thin, breathable material, leaves your arms and lower body free to move. In all seasons, if you have a tendency to get hot at night and sweat, it allows you to cool down by removing heat from your body. Let’s add that if you have to get out of bed, it will be more convenient and comfortable to be already minimally dressed. And more comfortable than looking for clothes to put on in the middle of the night, or as soon as you get up.

The fit of your outfit

Pajashorts are traditionally made up of 2-piece sets. You can choose a button-down shirt, a round or V-neck t-shirt, short sleeves or sleeveless. A small, soft and comfortable pair of shorts will accompany your top to let your legs free.

Pyjashorts for men: what choice of materials?

You have the choice! At All in Pajamas, you have a selection of night sets in 3 materials:


We no longer present cotton, a natural fiber material that dresses both bedding, with its sheets and pillowcases, and our nightwear. If you like classic materials, while appreciating a touch of originality and fantasy, you can discover our Luffy pattern two-piece t-shirt and shorts for men. Featuring a print inspired by the manga and anime “One Piece”, this set is made entirely of cotton. This vegetable fiber is known to be well insulating has good sweat absorption capabilities at night. Moreover, since cotton is hypoallergenic, it rightly remains a safe bet for nighttime dressing.


Sateen is a weaving method that gives the fabric an incomparable soft finish and lightness. It knows how to be forgotten on your skin, if not to bring it a satin veil of softness, similar to a caress. If you put on your superb gray satin pajamas for men, you take the risk of not being able to leave your bed! We’ve designed it as soft as possible, to give you the best nights sleep you can dream of.


This is a absorbent and very low wrinkle fabric that has a smooth fall. Sparing you the discomfort of wrinkles, it’s a comfortable material to wear. Made from Polyester, our Sleeveless V-Neck Plain Summer Pajamas and Shorts for Men has the distinction of being able to be used both as nighttime pajashorts, and as sportswear. Indeed, thanks to its absorbent qualities and the comfort of its cut, it allows a great range of motion. Its beautiful vibrant navy color gives it a classy and timeless style.

What style to adopt in men’s pajashorts?

Do you like to flaunt a sober, casual style and wear light, convenient-to-put-on outfits? Or is luxury in your favor and you’re keen to style yourself by appearing with your significant other in this flamboyant red satin pajashort neatly buttoned up? In our range of sleep sets, you’ll find everything to satisfy you. Whether you’re a fan of manga, anime and comics, a stylish jock or a sleeper who’s into minimalism, our selection of sleep sets meets every taste.

With this information, you are now able to select the model of men’s pajashort that will suit you best. This way, you’ll be able to sleep with peace of mind. Because you deserve quality sleep, give the best companion to your nights: a night set designed with the utmost care and real know-how. Speaking of sleep, we at All in Pajamas would like to ask you a question.
When it’s time to go to bed, do you tend to be on the Team of :

  • “I’m always hot”
  • or more of the “I always have cold feet” team?

Reveal it to us in comments!