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“All in Pajamas” are pyjamas for everyone, from the youngest to the oldest. So of course we offer a collection of pajamas that are as cozy as they are adorable for toddlers. Barbers, two-piece sets or bodysuits, all our outfits will delight the hearts of parents (and their friends) and make baby slip effortlessly into the arms of Morpheus.

Pajamas for baby, the essential piece

A sleeping baby is a breath of fresh air in the daily life of two young parents. It’s a moment of calm that can’t last too long. And the happiness of seeing baby sleep through the night should never be delayed by an inappropriate outfit! At “All in Pajamas”, we have a thought for all those hours of sleep lost because of a little cold or an itchy outfit.

We know that the skin of young children is fragile and sensitive, and that our outfits must adapt to the smallest. Our Newborn Bear Fleece Outfit, for example, is made from the softest fleece to keep baby warm without irritation. Like other of our sets, these newborn pajamas also come with a matching little baby hat that will protect your little one from head-to-toe chills!

Our baby pajamas come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit all babies, from newborns to toddlers. The materials we use for our pajamas are soft, breathable and hypoallergenic, so your baby stays comfortable and protected all night long.

We are confident that you will find the perfect pajamas for your baby in our selection. Here are some of our most popular products:

Our different baby pajamas

Fun patterned baby pajamas

Our fun patterned pajamas are a perfect choice for parents looking to add a fun twist to their baby’s bedtime routine. The pajamas come in a variety of patterns, from cute animals to colorful cartoons, that will delight babies and parents alike.

Organic cotton baby pajamas

For environmentally conscious parents, our line of organic cotton pajamas is an ideal choice. These pajamas are made from soft organic cotton, without chemicals that are harmful to your baby’s skin. In addition to protecting your baby, you are also protecting the environment.

The baby romper for optimum comfort

Our baby romper is a popular choice for parents looking to maximize their baby’s comfort at night. The romper wraps your baby in a layer of softness, providing a sense of security and comfort while they sleep. For example discover the

Are you more of a romper or bodysuit baby?

Your baby pajamas, in one, two or three pieces? For the little ones, swimmers and other one-piece pajamas with long sleeves avoid friction when baby wriggles. Our unisex Christmas romper will give your baby an unforgettable look for his or her first holiday (get the camera out)! Buttoned from the neck down, you can slip baby into it with ease even when he’s bursting with energy. And how can you resist those little feet?

But maybe you want your little one to steal all the spotlight at the next family gathering… In that case, why not make him Santa’s missing elf with this adorable Christmas clothing set? Little green tunic, striped pants, all in 100% cotton that respects fragile skin: enough to make hearts flutter and spend a good night waiting for Santa!

You’ll have understood: at All in Pajamas, we know that parents only want the best for their child, but they also want him to be adorable! Our baby pajamas combine comfort and style to delight the whole little family, and create unforgettable memories ready to be immortalized: baby, once grown up, will have to be able to enjoy them too!

“What about size..?” (and other questions for anxious parents)

Yes, we know, babies grow so fast (and especially each at their own pace)! So on

, as we want to avoid unpleasant surprises, a size guide is available on the page of all our baby pajamas. But if despite everything your pyjamas 3-6 months turns out to be too small for your little one who has just had a growth spurt, don’t panic: you have 14 days to send it back to us and change size!

Made in our partner workshops, our baby pajamas are of the highest quality and prepared with the greatest care to delight young and old alike. As parents, you and your baby deserve the best for a soft night! So feel free to browse our selection of toddler outfits and share with us the progress of your baby’s dressing room: what’s their favorite outfit? How about yours? Share them with us!