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The pyjama is making a comeback in our wardrobes. After a few years when it was considered old-fashioned or even cheesy, it’s back on trend. And above all, contrary to what one might think, it is not only reserved for children. Adults also have the right to their range and especially men.

The men’s pajamas is not just a simple accessory. It provides comfort conducive to a good night’s sleep, but also during the evening in front of the television or a good book. It is therefore important to choose it well. Moreover, it is so comfortable, that many men confide in keeping it on them during the day when they stay at home. In addition, wearing a man pyjama is also a guarantee of hygiene during stays in hotels or rentals, when the nights are spent in a bed other than his own.

The man pyjama can also be a humorous man pyjama. It can be worn every night at home or at sleepovers. Indeed, the latter are not exclusively reserved for children or teenagers, the grown-ups too can have fun. In addition to being fun, this type of men’s pajamas is also very comfortable and pleasant to wear. It is made of cotton or velvet, depending on the model, and allows you to spend a warm night.
There are different shapes of men’s pajamas. The 2-piece format is the most common. It consists of a long-sleeved top and pants. Very easy to wear, it can be declined in several fun and playful models. But in recent years, a new style of man pajamas has appeared on the shelves: the jumpsuit or Kigurumi. This model slips on like a romper, which gives it a real playful side.

The humorous 2-piece men’s pajamas

It comes in several themes and several materials.

The cotton pajamas

It is light and pleasant to wear. Especially chosen in autumn or spring, it allows you to be comfortable and not to be too hot on mid-season nights. Different humorous themes are addressed, such as funny figures. With them, the good mood is assured at bedtime as well as at dawn. All worries are forgotten for a relaxed night.
The funny animals are also part of the party with specimens like the pajamas with ducks or small dinosaurs, present on the long sleeve top but also on the pants. The colors are not left out with yellow, pink, green, not to mention the two-tone check patterns on some pants. There is no better way to escape the monotony.

These cotton models have a round neck for the top and an elastic waistband for optimal comfort. Maintenance is very easy because cotton can be machine washed, without the risk of colors fading or losing their luster. Thus, the humorous men’s pajamas made of cotton are perfectly suited for fun-themed parties with friends.

The ultra soft cotton pajamas

It is super soft and brings a fleece effect on the skin. It is especially worn in winter because it keeps warmer than light cotton. It comes in several humorous themes like funny animals. Pandas and cats are the stars with their funny and cute little faces. By choosing this type of man pajamas the good mood is guaranteed for an evening under the sign of relaxation.

Other examples play the card of originality with elements, such as cat ears for example, sewn in relief on the top of the pyjama. To stand out a little more and go further in the playful side, other models are in the effigy of little monsters nice and funny. Again, parts like ears or horns are sewn in relief on the top but also on the pajama pants. Even the most serious men will find their childish soul the time of a sleepover.

These models are also round-necked with an elastic waistband to be as comfortable as possible to wear. Some models have pockets on the front which will be very practical to have the hands warm. The materials used for their manufacture comply with a relatively strict quality charter to make them pyjamas of high quality.


This type of men’s pajamas is also known as “Kigurumi\”. This Japanese term refers to a one-piece pajama that represents a rather imaginary animal and particularly inspired by manga. Thus, several models are directly inspired by the Pokémon universe.
These suits are very pleasant to wear because they are loose and easy to put on. Thanks to a buttoning on the front, they are quick to put on or take off. The freedom of movement is particularly appreciated. Generally designed in ultra soft cotton, the soft effect is guaranteed for serene nights.

But these funny onesies are also perfect for dressing up during sleepovers. Most models have a hood that represents the head of the animal. Once put on, this suit gives the appearance of an imaginary and playful being to the wearer. The eyes and ears are more real than life because they are sewn in relief. These humorous men’s pajamas stand out from other models because of their shape and originality.

Today the men’s pyjamas are back in force and are funny and playful. Whether it is made of light cotton or ultra soft cotton, it is comfortable and allows you to spend pleasant evenings and nights. The two-piece models are the most common and manage to offer a funny side. Jumpsuits are increasingly worn by men who are looking for a humorous and original side. Indeed, more and more families organize sleepovers with children and friends. In these moments, pajamas become a real disguise.
Choosing your humorous men’s pajamas is not easy because the range is vast. Fortunately, several sites come to the aid of those who hesitate on the choice of materials or shape