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Cotton or velvet pajamas for baby

Cotton or velvet pajamas for baby? 20 Tips

The baby pyjamas or romper is a comfortable garment for newborns. It has the characteristic to cover him from the arms to the tip of the feet. Other models are available without sleeves or sewn in two-piece. If you hesitate between cotton or velvet pajamas, you can find in this article the reasons and periods to adopt velvet or cotton.

Last time we talked about the material to choose for baby pajamas in winter, this time we brought back some tips and reasons so you can make the right choice between cotton pajamas and velvet pajamas for your baby.

Pyjama velours pour bébé

What are the reasons and tips for wearing velvet pajamas?

To dress baby with velvet pyjamas: the reasons of this choice!

  • Silky and warm, velvet pyjamas are the ideal survival garment recommended for babies from birth. It is sewn in lining with a soft and smooth face, which provides extra warmth for newborns.
  • The velvet pajamas are the baby garment to wear during winter. Its thick and comfortable fabric suits the little one and allows a long night of sleep. It is advisable to have a whole collection to facilitate the change.
  • All the attention is on the velvet when the temperature of the room goes down from 19°C to 20°C, opt for the pyjamas. It is thicker and prevents in case of a drop in temperature during the winter. It is possible to add a bodysuit with sleeves if you don’t want your baby’s belly to get cold.
  • The variations of outside temperature can cause discomfort in the newborn. The best is to equip itself with pyjamas velvet and to change it in case of presence of humidity.
  • The velvet pyjamas in the shape of combination protect from the cold and prevent the air from penetrating in the orifices of the baby.
  • The fabrics used in the design of the pajamas are soft, sturdy and able to withstand the movement of the baby.
  • Some babies move around too much at night and when morning comes, they are left without a sheet or blanket. It is best to wrap them in warm velvet pajamas.
  • Baby’s skin is reactive to temperature changes and sensitive to cold and wind. To maintain body temperature, velour pajamas should be used.
  • Velvet pajamas are worn during winter. Sometimes, during the rough weather, it is better to use a mixture of velvet pajamas with fleece or fleece fabric. This helps to keep the baby warm.
  • Velvet is a vintage, chic and classic fabric that can be combined with other materials like cotton, linen, and even polyester.
  • It is a hypoallergenic softening fabric that is designed to provide warmth while respecting fragile and delicate skin like that of babies.

Advice on how to care for velvet pajamas

  • To promote the health of the baby from birth, it is advisable to wash all his new clothes, including the velvet pyjamas, in a washing machine. These fabrics can contain chemicals that can damage the skin of the newborn.
  • The ideal temperature for washing velour in the washing machine is between 30 and 40°C.
  • When choosing a fabric softener, it is important to choose those that have hypoallergenic properties, are free of dyes and do not contain any active ingredients, but have a light and delicate fragrance, specially designed to respect fragile skin.
  • To minimize the risks of allergy and irritation, velvet pajamas must be rinsed thoroughly. It is necessary to avoid the residues of washing powder which fix themselves on the fabric, because it is one of the major causes of irritation of the babies. Therefore, wash the cloth by hand and rinse it with plenty of water. If you use a washing machine, you should choose long cycles and avoid overflowing the water on the drum.
  • Avoid overdosing the detergent and soften it. Always stick to the doses recommended by the manufacturers.
  • During the washing, it is necessary to take care to put the pyjamas velvet inside out to preserve its original state.
  • The velvet pyjamas are conceived with mixtures of fibres and must be washed separately.
  • It is necessary to opt for the soaps of washing without phosphate, of which it is necessary to check the chemical composition beforehand.
  • Care should be taken when washing silk velvet pajamas, which can form small balls of aureoles that cling to the fabric. It can become impossible to get rid of them afterwards.
  • It is necessary to avoid ironing a chubby velvet pyjamas. On the other hand, the other pyjamas can be ironed on the reverse side of the fabric.
  • When buying, avoid pyjamas all in velvet, but combined with other fabrics.
  • For babies, it is necessary to bet on light-colored velvet, or preferably in stripes or petit-pois.
Pyjama coton pour bébé

Reasons and tips for wearing cotton pajamas!

Why and when one must wear a pyjamas cotton: the principal reasons!

  • The cotton pyjamas have a remarkable softness and air-conditioned. It is the ideal fabric which guarantees the comfort and the behaviour in all these movements. Its strong capacity of absorption is due to its lining sewn in the form of towel which absorbs the sweat and ensures a feeling of dryness during the summer.
  • As soon as the temperature rises from 21° to 23°C, opt for cotton pajamas, in the form of a romper or two-piece that cover the baby up to the tip of the feet.
  • Cotton pajamas are slightly thin, airy and prevent newborns from sweating during the night.
  • Cotton is a soft and light material that the baby will appreciate during each nap.
  • In winter, cotton fleece pajamas are the ideal outfit for baby. It is especially worn during the first cold spells.
  • The mixtures of cotton pajamas with polyester are more resistant and preserve the softness of cotton. For stretchy pajamas, opt for the blend with jersey fabric, which is suitable for babies on the move.
  • Move on to two-piece pajamas when the child reaches the age of 2.
  • You can also choose cotton pajamas with velvet prints and a blanket on the back or belly. The color should be cheerful, fun, simple and refined.
  • Cotton jersey pajamas are the ideal outfit during spring, to ease the transition to another season.
  • Wearing cotton pajamas prevents the sudden drop in temperature. It is necessary to put them on to stabilize the baby’s temperature during the first few nights of sleep. This happens even during the summer.
  • Cotton poplin pajamas are even lighter and more refreshing to wear during the summer and are suitable for larger babies.

Advice for good care of cotton pajamas

  • The cotton fabric is easily washable. Nevertheless, use appropriate detergent intended for babies, without chemical additives, with a light and soft perfume.
  • If possible, use fabric “100 % cotton”, to review on the labels, because synthetic materials are often responsible for irritation. You still need to carefully dry his little folds (neck, arms, thighs, etc.).
  • You can choose 100% organic cotton pajamas that are certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Oekotex (certifies the absence of harmful substances on clothing). These garments are considered non-toxic and do not sting the skin, and let it breathe in case of heat wave.
  • To wash the cotton pyjamas, it is necessary to pass it to a temperature of 60°C in case of recalcitrant stains. But a variable temperature between 30° to 40°C is enough.
  • It is necessary to avoid using washing powder, but rather hypoallergenic soaps. Know that the skin of the baby is fragile and that it is necessary to choose with care the soap and the softener.
  • Natural products exist to wash pajamas, there is vinegar that softens machine-washed clothes. For the manual cleaning, warm water added with soap powder of Marseille is enough.
  • Cotton pajamas are sensitive to humidity. If you keep the fabric in the closet for a long time or forget it exists, you should know that it can contain mold stains. To remove it, first put the pajamas in the sun, then wash it thoroughly by rinsing the moldy parts. To absorb the moisture in the room, consider placing a container with pieces of salt.

If you hesitate in the choice of cotton or velvet pajamas, it is necessary to review that the latter supports well the cold, and is appropriate well for the newborn. For a cooler summer, it is necessary to opt for the cotton pyjamas, which is refreshing and hypoallergenic.

Pyjama coton ou velours

Cotton or velvet pajamas for baby? Which one will you choose?

After reading our article, which one will you choose for your baby? Cotton or velvet pajamas? Tell us in a comment for which reason(s) you make this choice.

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