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Women's pyjamas in satin or silk

Women’s satin or silk pajamas : How to choose ?

Made of several materials, pajamas are undeniably useful. Women’s pajamas must combine style and comfort, and that is why their choice must be made with care.

A comfortable pyjama with attractive patterns can be made of satin or silk. These two materials, each with their particularities, bring a plus to this clothing.

To make a wise choice between satin and silk pajamas, it is necessary to understand their advantages and characteristics.

Characteristics and advantages of satin pajamas

Satin is one of the three main weaves most used for weaving. Made nowadays, in natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk, wool or others, satin is present almost everywhere. A large majority of garments, worldwide, is made of it. We distinguish several of them. It is about :

  • Corkscrews, drapery in satin weave with repetition;
  • Satin crepe;
  • Damask, satin weave also with square patterns;
  • Duvetine;
  • Satin liberty, fabric scratched on the reverse side;
  • Sateen, cotton fabric with the shine of a silk satin;
  • Sateen, satin with an increased number of binding stitches;
  • Satin changeable;
  • Duchess satin, heavy, thick and shiny fabric.

Soft and supple also for the skin, satin is composed of a woolen fabric and gives a luxurious aspect to clothes. With its multiple resources, satin pajamas are warm and the ideal material to spend the winter in warmth.

With its yarns and fabrics, satin reduces the risk of getting out of bed in sweats compared to other materials. It can also withstand long-term washing without fading.

Caractéristiques et avantages du pyjama en soie

Features and benefits of silk pajamas

Silk pajamas, at first sight, are often more expensive. Silk is a very luxurious material for a sleepwear. It is produced by the caterpillar of certain butterflies and also by certain spiders.

Its cultivation requires several plantations of mulberry trees. Singularly pleasant and very soft for the skin, it holds the capacity to be a thermoregulatory fabric. In summer, a silk pajama will keep you cool and in winter, it will provide you with great warmth.

Apart from these merits, silk is a very vulnerable material. It has an elasticity rate of 15%. Very fluid, it is also not very thick. Over the course of several washes, a silk nightgown can deteriorate very quickly. Silk, because of this disadvantage, can be natural in order to solve a problem of resistance, while preserving its great satin quality.

Différence entre pyjama en satin et en soie

Difference between satin and silk pajamas

First, in terms of disparity between these two forms of pajamas, you should know that silk is a material, while the latter is a weave (a way of weaving). So you may encounter silk, cotton, polyester, then nylon sateen as well as you may find silk canvas and velvet, then twill.

In addition, woven satin gives a shiny side as well as a matte result. With this material alone, you are faced with two choices in the finish: either the finish that gives you a shiny fabric or the finish that makes you see a matte fabric. Satin therefore has much more potential in this area than silk.

Silk, a natural fiber, is obtained from the cocoons of silkworms. The fabric made from it is very soft and shiny. In short, silk is the opposite of satin, which is a way of weaving.

Moreover, from an aesthetic and sanitary point of view, the two are in complete contradiction. Silk, unlike satin, is naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial. By the innumerable amino acids which constitute it, the silk pyjamas ensure the maintenance and the hydration of your skin and your hair. It decreases, in record time, the folds of your sleep, while reducing their effects against your level of age.

Silk pajamas do not absorb creams, so you can enjoy the benefits of your evening beauty routine on a regular basis. The material of silk ensures the protection of your hair against frizz. Your hair will now be less brittle and well cared for. In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, silk remains a thermoregulator that does not welcome humidity.

Satin on the other hand, in addition to not being a material like silk, is not hypoallergenic. The satin pajamas give you a superior quality sleep. It provides a restful sleep and the slight sensation of not wearing anything. Thanks to its fabric, the satin pajamas offer you a smooth surface. It also does not disturb you in terms of perspiration. Very suitable for winter and summer, the satin pajamas protect you first of all from the heat wave and also from any high temperature.

To finish, let us note that the price of the silk pyjamas is higher than that of the satin pyjamas. The reason is simply that silk is a very expensive material and difficult to find.

Top 3 de pyjama satin

Top 3 of satin pajamas

1- Women’s satin pajamas

Pyjamas with long sleeves and purple 101 color, it is an insured for the winter period. With two splendid flowers printed on both sides of the collar, this garment is very beautiful.

2- Women’s flannel pajamas-satin sexy set

Complete in black, this impeccable pajama set is sewn in a V-neck. Heart printed and sleeveless, it is very cute and suitable for your curfew.

3- Women’s satin flannel pajamas sexy set

Very good nightwear for home, high and short, this sexy satin and lace pajama set is well exceptional. With its black color, it is able to provide you with unimaginable comfort.

Top 3 silk pajamas

1- Women’s silk night pajamas

With a good set, these pajamas are well made for your little vesperal relaxations. Trimmed on both sides with satin fabrics, this garment is only impeccable.

2- Women’s long silk pajamas, summer pants with long sleeves

Good long women’s pajamas of white color and better suited for summer, this garment has long sleeve pants in two pieces. Satin then printed, it can be worn at home for any relaxation.

3- Women’s long pajamas, Imitation silk pajamas

Very good set in a bright blue, this pajamas is better for summer. Having another night set, it suits XXL women.

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